Thursday, June 2, 2011

Care for an update...?

It seems like forever since I've posted. Life has been extremely busy preparing for the upcoming move back to Kentucky/Ohio and trying to get everything in order.

I have good news about my dear sweet Anton! He saw a developmental psychologist last month and was diagnosed with ADHD as well as ADD to go along side his dyspraxia. I'm hopeful that he'll now be able to get the services he deserves. Up here in New England school is still in session and his IEP meeting is scheduled for June 13th. It'll be just a few days before school dismisses, but it is a very important step to have completed prior to moving! He has a concert tonight and I can't wait to see =)

Other life updates, it's warming up here! We went to the beach this past week where we realized that though the boys love the water our little Alana isn't much of a fan of being pummeled by waves! She did enjoy getting a sandy mess though so she enjoyed herself even out of the water. The boys(and myself) are really going to miss the ocean. It's been alot of fun up here, but it's time to be home again. I can't wait to be surrounded by the love of family and friends again, something the kids don't really know!

I hope you are all well and enjoying the beginning of your summer. Blessings!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Whatta week!

Things in my life have changed drastically this past week. I'm attempting to find a house I can buy or even rent 900 miles away, looking for a job and trying to sort out what I want and don't want out of a divorce. I haven't decided if my life has been complicated....or uncomplicated. There's this freeing feeling that I'll soon be living my own life and making decisions for myself and making my own imprint in the world rather than tagging along behind someone else's.

The details are still being decided and the kiddos and I will be leaving after the school year ends to start our life over back home surrounded by family and friends. I have so missed the love and support of loved ones around you. I know that the transition is going to be difficult and sometimes almost impossible, but I have the drive and aspirations to be successful and not give up.

Tonight I'm working on a baby quilt(that I started MONTHS ago, I'm so sorry Kristen and baby Anna!) so that I can get it finished and handed over before we leave in June.

I'm excited, scared, and ready to embrace this new life and the challenges it will bring. I'm ready to hold myself accountable. =)

Who are women in your life that show you the strength and inspiration to make it through hard and difficult situations?

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Too often we try to avoid the unavoidable.

At times it's easier to give up, but sometimes you really need to fight for what's right and just so that you can feel pride in an achievement. Then, there are those times, when you fight...and fight and nothing good ever comes out of it. Sadly, it takes a long time to figure out that this isn't a battle to be won and to learn to walk away from it and move on.

There is finally a realization that there is life beyond what we've managed to create here. There is more to me than what I've let myself become. There is more for us to learn, explore, and love. Its time to get up, dust off our well worn pants and move on. Its time to say goodbye to what was and hello to what is to become.

The wee ones are tucked in and peacefully snoozing and I'm heading to bed to cuddle with my Kindle and read a book.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

I wasn't expecting that...

Yesterday did not go at all how I had planned. In fact, I'm heartbroken, confused, and angry.

Yesterday was the IEP meeting for my dear sweet, Anton. With diagnosis in hand( verbal constructional dyspraxia, fine motor and planning deficits, and written expressive language deficits) I went merrily to this meeting thinking everything would be put into place to help Anton in the school setting to achieve any sort of work.

That, my friends, did not happen. There were 5 of us in that room. Myself, Anton's kindergarten teacher, a special education teacher who works with him, his RTI Math(also extra help) and the special services director of the district. EVERYONE in that room except one agreed that Anton needed help, and it was the general consensus that it was 1-on-1 help that would be best for him. Now, Anton is intelligent. He excels in math and he's really chugging along with learning his letters and reading, however, he doesn't produce anything in the classroom. He can't focus or keep himself on task without constant reminder or encouragement that he's doing something correctly.

So, we're all trying to figure out what is really best for him, what services the school should provide and what I can do outside of the school when up pops the special services director with "I don't feel he has a learning disorder" ...



Insert four very confused faces looking at her and all at once saying "what?"

And the kicker, the kicker the fired me up beyond belief, she adds "If he had a diagnosis of something like ADHD or Autism then there would be no question."



I kept my composure. I smiled. I cried. And I asked in the nicest tone I could muster
"Could  YOU please explain to me why for the LAST SIX months I have been taking my son to see an OT, he's gone to psychologist and neurologist to get a diagnosis. A diagnosis that YOU have RIGHT THERE in your folder because the SCHOOL recommended that it was BEST for my son to get a MEDICAL diagnosis versus getting one through the school. I'd REALLY appreciate you explaining that to me so that I can understand why the diagnosis he was given is not GOOD enough for you to provide him with services? Is it because it's not one of the many that are over diagnosed every day? Is it because it's not something you're familiar with so you don't want to deal with it?? Because I really DON'T UNDERSTAND what the problem is here."

She stares at me, blankly, and replies "Well what do you expect me to do? Do you want me to do an evaluation through the school?"

I wanted to slap her. Truly. I wanted to get up walk over to her and just SLAP her!!!! Why didn't they do this evaluation SIX MONTHS ago when it all started?? Why is she now wanting to do it when there is barely enough time to get the testing done before the school year ends.... oh wait, yeah that makes sense. Offer to do the testing now, that won't be completed until the end of the year(if it even gets completed) and hope that since we are a military family that we will move and you won't have to deal with the expense of giving him a 1-on-1 aid.

I am furious. I'm seriously at a loss at the disconcern with a child who is obviously struggling and barely hanging on. His teacher informed us that she would not be retaining him in Kindergarten and that he would be going to first grade because she doesn't think that repeating Kindergarten is what is best for him.

What are your thoughts? Do you think that a child who can not thought process, organize himself, or keep himself sitting still has a learning disability that needs to be addressed? Or should he just be ignored and forgotten because he wasn't diagnosed with something as over diagnosed these days as autism or ADHD?

Sorry for the rant, but I'm an upset mother.

Monday, April 11, 2011

I'm feeling at home now!

Did you notice things look a wee bit different here? Ah, I'm in love. All my favorite things are hanging around now and I finally feel at home. Still need a few more tweeks(mainly fonts) and I'll be all settled in into blogland. I'd like to take just a second to thank Sara*s Pixel Studio for helping me out and dealing with me to get this done =)

I'm preoccupied right now with getting ready for my son's IEP meeting on Wednesday. Hopefully that will all be squared away and taken care of and life can resume for me =) I'll be back to blog soon, I promise.

What do you think of the new look? Love it? Hate it? If you hate it, you're not my friend LOL!!!! I'm just playing, but really, how can you NOT love it?!

Monday, April 4, 2011

A tutorial!

Or maybe better titled "distraction"?

I've been meaning to post this for a few days, but I've kept myself busy trying to go through and do a bit of spring decluttering cleaning around my house. Tonight is the storage closet *shudder*

So, to take a little break, I figured I would go ahead and type out this tutorial for anyone who may be interested =)

What're we making?

What you need:
Printed Alphabet (If you use my templates you will need 7 sheets of printer paper)
  • Download the PDF HERE
Scrap fabric pieces (or yardage if you prefer!)
Scissors (Fabric and paper)
Some sort of stabilizer like:
  • Batting
  • Interfacing
  • Felt
Optional Supplies:
Magnets (Small to put inside the letters before closing them all the way up!)

Now, let's get started!

Step 1.
  • Print and Cut out your alphabet templates.
  • I recommend using an Exacto-knife to cut out the centers of the letters or those hard to reach with scissors places =)

Step 2.
  • Using the paper templates you just cut out you'll start cutting out your letters. You'll choose a front fabric and back. I cut mine out at the same time just remember to place the backing fabric right side down and the front fabric right side up and your letter on top of those pieces.

  • Please note that with this step if you'd like your letters to have felt as backing so that they can be used on a felt board you would be cutting the felt as the backing fabric!
  • Pin your templates in place so that they (and the fabric) don't wiggle around as you cut them out.

  • I recommend that you cut the main shape out with a large pair of fabric scissors and then a small pair for the inside details.

If you fold the letter a little bit and use the tips of the small scissors to start a small hole to get in there it makes a world of difference =)

  • Now you'll need to cut out your interfacing letter as well (or batting, whatever you prefer to use as the inside to make it a little more sturdy!) I trace my letter in pen straight onto my interfacing so that I can cut it out without worrying about my template.

  • Once you have it traced or pinned to the interfacing(or batting) cut out your letter.

Step 3.
  • Stack your letter cut outs with back fabric facing right side down then your interfacing(or batting) and then top the sandwich with the top fabric facing right side up. (You're pretty much making a mini quilt here lol if that makes more sense!)
Step 4.
  • Pin if you feel the need and then sew a very scant 1/4 inch seam around the entire edge of the letter.

(Pivot at the corners!!!)

  • Once you have the outsides of the letter sewn together move onto the inside details. So for the A, you'll sew around the inside triangle =) (Sorry I forgot to get a picture of that step lol)
Step 5.
  • Trim the interfacing or batting if you prefer. I used my small scissors(see I really do love them!) to trim away the excess because I was afraid with my daughter's tiny hands she might get a paper cut from it. So, just keep that in mind =)
Step 6.
  • Enjoy your lovely little fabric letter and then move on to the next one =) 

And forgive me as this is my first tutorial. I wanted a set of letters for my daughter to play with that weren't the cheapo plastic magnetic ones you can find. I love this alternative, and I think she does, too! So, do you prefer less photos or is this an okay amount? And are the steps detailed enough? Give me feedback and maybe I'll do more =)

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Just onea those days!

Seriously, here it is, 1:34 in the afternoon as I sit to type this and I'm already exhausted. Aiden and Alana are peacefully napping. The hubs is upstairs sleeping before he has to go into work for the night and Anton is off at school. I'm stressing over the fact that mother nature is deciding to dump another snow storm on us here in New England and feeling sorry for my poor little flowers that are nearly 4 inches tall now. What on earth is up with Mother Nature? Lady, you need to take some Midol or something because we can't handle anymore of your mood swings! JUST SAYIN!!!!!

Argh, and to make all matters great, I went to Joann's today(and Savers) and managed to not spend one this is could be because I left my wallet at home mistakenly. They had the cutest little outfits at Savers that my dearest would have looked darling in...if she were 3 sizes smaller =) Really though, her closet needs to be purged(the boys too for that matter) and I need to refill her wardrobe. My dear sweet Princess is down to merely no clothes that fit! Anton has the knees ripped in probably 75% of his jeans(does anyone have a good/cute way to repair them?!) and Aiden is just growing like a weed...who is on some MEGA MiracleGro!!! lol

All is well though and I am blessed with the days I have. Today I have finished an order of grocery bag holders and need to get those in the mail tomorrow. I think I'll mass produce some bibs and burp clothes tonight...or maybe just get some rest?

What are you all doing with your time? Has Mother Nature given up on keeping you cold and allowing you to enjoy the warmth of the sun yet? If so, I'm direly jealous, send some my way!