Sunday, April 17, 2011


Too often we try to avoid the unavoidable.

At times it's easier to give up, but sometimes you really need to fight for what's right and just so that you can feel pride in an achievement. Then, there are those times, when you fight...and fight and nothing good ever comes out of it. Sadly, it takes a long time to figure out that this isn't a battle to be won and to learn to walk away from it and move on.

There is finally a realization that there is life beyond what we've managed to create here. There is more to me than what I've let myself become. There is more for us to learn, explore, and love. Its time to get up, dust off our well worn pants and move on. Its time to say goodbye to what was and hello to what is to become.

The wee ones are tucked in and peacefully snoozing and I'm heading to bed to cuddle with my Kindle and read a book.

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