Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Whatta week!

Things in my life have changed drastically this past week. I'm attempting to find a house I can buy or even rent 900 miles away, looking for a job and trying to sort out what I want and don't want out of a divorce. I haven't decided if my life has been complicated....or uncomplicated. There's this freeing feeling that I'll soon be living my own life and making decisions for myself and making my own imprint in the world rather than tagging along behind someone else's.

The details are still being decided and the kiddos and I will be leaving after the school year ends to start our life over back home surrounded by family and friends. I have so missed the love and support of loved ones around you. I know that the transition is going to be difficult and sometimes almost impossible, but I have the drive and aspirations to be successful and not give up.

Tonight I'm working on a baby quilt(that I started MONTHS ago, I'm so sorry Kristen and baby Anna!) so that I can get it finished and handed over before we leave in June.

I'm excited, scared, and ready to embrace this new life and the challenges it will bring. I'm ready to hold myself accountable. =)

Who are women in your life that show you the strength and inspiration to make it through hard and difficult situations?

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