Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ah, a duty free weekend.

So, a bit of information that would be helpful to those trying to get to know me is that I am married(8 years in June) to a United States Sailor. Life has never not consisted of days apart(months, too) and within the Navy there are "duty" days. These are days that my dear Sailor must stay aboard and man his submarine. (Oh yeah, he's also submarines, so those days(months, too) apart are usually without much contact and what little contact we do have when he's gone is via email, and I say email but what I really mean is a short message saying I love you and I miss you and a little detail of the day to day that is read by multiple people(and computer scanning systems) before he ever reads it. What that means is if someone thinks the news he's receiving isn't something he should hear while underway then it just isn't delivered. ANYWAY, where I'm going with this is that this weekend was a duty free weekend.

He had an idea and I made a phone call and some pocket change(...savings) later we were loading up our three wee ones to head to Danvers, Mass which is just north of Boston for some indoor water park fun. Our youngest, Princess Alana(14 months) has been feeling a little under the weather, but then again, who isn't these days with all this cold/snow/rain in New England?! Our first day there we checked into the hotel and then swiftly made our way to the water park(connected to the hotel!) The boys, Anton(5) and Aiden(3), had no idea what to expect, but I think the huge tubes sticking out of the building as we circled took some of the surprise away from Anton. The guys of the house(haha yes, i mean the biggest of them all, too) played mostly in the jungle gym area while Alana and I hung out in the kiddie area. She(or me) didn't enjoy much of the splashing from all the other raging children(oh and their parents) so we spent most of our time avoiding the shooting water coming from the sides of the wading pool and the fountains from the floor of the pool OH AND the water from the huge fountain over us. Lots of water, lots of splashing and lots of cranky baby.

The huge perk to the trip, Sonic is down that way, too =) If you're in New England, but from the south, you can relate to the happiness this brings. I think sometimes we make excuses to go to Boston just for Sonic! And then this morning for breakfast we wined(haha) and dined at Denny's. I just love a Moons Over My Hammy every once in a great while. The boys spent the morning back at the water park while the Princess and I decided to hang out in the van and watch some Ice Age. I'm fairly certain that was more enjoyable for both of us.

We are now back home and Aiden and Tony(the hubs) are napping and Alana just laid down. Anton and I are attempting to get some organizing and rearranging done before all awake and chaos resumes.

It was a nice night away from home and the boys truly enjoyed themselves. Now to work on getting this little Princess back to health and some Spring would be nice! The snow is slowly melting away and we're starting to see some grass, albeit brown. Anything is better than dirty snow!

How is YOUR weekend so far?

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Lora said...

Yay duty free weekend! I can totally relate to that. My Mr. used to be on the San Fran. I've also got family who are still in the Navy.