Wednesday, March 16, 2011

There's been a break in!

Anton came home from school today insisting we had to get treasure of gold and shiny things to put out for his leprechaun trap because he just HAD to catch one so that he could find where he hid all his gold! Well, what's a momma to do? We took a trip to Joann's(where I was supposed to get interfacing and ended up with way more than that...and without the interfacing!) to get some lovely treasures to set our trap!

Now, mind you, I have two boys who both want in on this fun so we MUST set TWO traps instead of just one!

Anton picked out a huge strand of golden beads and Aiden chose some red glass beads and to home we went. I told them they had to choose something to put their treasures in to catch their leprechaun. After much thought Anton decided on a glass jar(that I had to empty my caramel apple pops out of) and Aiden chose a glass. We put their pretty little things inside their own trap and then I tucked them in.

Now, I was looking at these two traps with NO IDEA how I was going to catch a leprechaun for my very excited little boys to find in the morning. Then it hit me, I didn't really need to CATCH one per-say, I could just find evidence that one had been here and that maybe he couldn't make it out with all his loot from our house and hid it away for later.

Now it's time to go tuck myself in and get some rest. Hopefully I'll have an eventful day tomorrow to blog about =)

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