Monday, March 21, 2011

What's this snow business?

Ya know, I know I'm in New England and I ought to be used to this snow business, but COME ON! When you give me a few days of 65+ days and then go back to snowing I get a little disheartened. It's no longer snow at this point in the evening, but I'm pretty sure there's sleet coming down with the rain. I'm just ready for some spring time. I want to see flowers blooming and hear birds chirping when I wake in the morning. It's the little things that make me happy and darnit, my kids need fresh air! We've harvested and bred so many viruses and infections this winter that I'm just ready for it to be over with!


For those of you entering my giveaway please PLEASE PLEASE! Remember to put a comment on the blog post for every entry to you do. So, if you are now following my blog(bless your little hearts and I love you for it!!!) do make sure you leave a comment on the post so that you get an entry =) I wouldn't want anyone missing out and that is the easiest way to keep track of the entries.

I'll be working on the purse tonight, just as soon as I get done here so hopefully it will be fully together tomorrow =) I think you'll LOVE it!

I'd like to take the time tonight to introduce you to my family and tell you a little about us. We're a family of 5 and a Navy family(until May 2012 anyway) We've been stationed in; Charleston, South Carolina, Groton, Connecticut, and are currently in Kittery, Maine for our second stay. Although we do enjoy the north, it wears on you. I think if we had our choice and family would move along with us we'd end back up in Charleston. Loved that area more so than any other so far. (Not that I would trade the time we've spent and the friends we've made along the way though!!!)

We have a dog(who tests my patience more than our children) named Marley, 2 feline fellows we called Meeko and Max and a goldfish....that I can't believe is still alive. You know how you take your child to the fair and they INSIST on playing the toss-the-ball-into-the-fish-bowl game and they NEVER win or if they do the fish ALWAYS dies...ours won, and he's still a live. *sigh*

As for the kiddos, we have our oldest guy, Anton, who is the most amazing little boy I have ever met. His eyes coupled with is so blue eyes could melt your heart in no time flat. He's our big boy and in Kindergarten. We see him grow so much day to day and becoming more independent. He even has his first loose tooth! (And this tooth is not to be confused with the one he has already lost, since that one had to be removed after an accident where his face met the sidewalk last summer =P)

Next up we have a dear sweet Aiden. We couldn't have chosen a better name, albeit over used, he truly is a fiery little boy. You must be on your toes for the wit that this 3 year old guy carries in his pocket. I have literally spat out drinks listening to him carry on casual conversation with me. I'm sure you'll hear about one....or a million if you hang around here long =) He's got the personality of a kid who loves everyone and everything and you can't help but love him, too.

Our little Princess Alana is the youngest in our family. She just turned 1 at the end of December and we couldn't have asked for a more laid back little girl. She's finally walking and terrorizing her big brothers, the dog and the cat and I'm sure if we give it time she'll pester the fish, too. She makes life more interesting that's for sure. It's not often you won't find her rummaging through her snack drawer searching for her Oreos(she truly has an addiction and I think we might need to setup and intervention soon!)

They brighten my day, everyday. I won't say there aren't days that I really just want to crawl back in bed and not deal with being mommy, but that phase doesn't last long, because in no time I have a sweet smiling face waking me up to make sure I'm okay. Nothing compares to the love of a child.


Rachel said...

Beautiful family.

Emily Malsam said...

Thank you =) I love them to pieces!!

Lora said...

What adorable children! Although my Mr. and I aren't planning on having kids until I'm 30 or so (that's 10 years...), I definitely plan on spoiling all his (and soon to be mine!) nieces and nephews!

Emily Malsam said...

Wait as long as what is good for you!!! I wanted to be a mom from the get go so I'm just turned 26 with all 3 of mine =) I have trouble keeping up with them now so I'm really happy we started our family early on.