Monday, March 14, 2011

Sewing...without a tutorial!

Makes my head hurt.

I'm terrible at math. I mean, absolutely TERRIBLE. I learned tonight that one can have the best of intentions when it comes to numbers and though they may add and re-add and look those numbers over 3...maybe even 4 times....if they aren't a number person it's just not going to end well. After much adding of borders and much trimming of edges I managed to make the outer portion of the cover for my(husband's) bread machine.

I took the day and did a major rearrange of my dining room and chose to use a shelving unit(that was still boxed!) to house a few small kitchen appliances. After putting them there though they looked like a worse eye sore than the clutter that was rampant prior. I decided(oi vey) to make that little bread machine a dress! It does look mighty great on there right now, but I know that there is the next step of making the liner for that cover and well, that makes me want to hide the cover and forget I made it!

I love to sew and normally I do so by tutorials or pattens where my numbers are all right there for me and I do very well with that. I went out of my zone of comfort though because I truly wanted that so very uber cute bird fabric to be on display and oogled over(even if only by me!) Please tell me there is someone else out there that loves to sew, but can't do a fraction to save their lives?!

I received the blue fabric I used as borders(because of my terrible math skills) from a strip swap a while back. I have been hoarding the fabric strips for quite a while and it was time to put at least ONE of them to use. Maybe I'll work on using a few more soon, they're just so yummy!

Aren't these little birds just divine? I'm in love!

I promise to take a better photo of this little beaut tomorrow when the sun is shining and I'm not relying on my terrible(and lack thereof..) overhead lighting.


JoeyBeadz said...

I like this fabric. What is the serious and from where?

Emily Malsam said...

It is the line "Woodhaven" you can find the whole line HERE