Thursday, March 31, 2011

Just onea those days!

Seriously, here it is, 1:34 in the afternoon as I sit to type this and I'm already exhausted. Aiden and Alana are peacefully napping. The hubs is upstairs sleeping before he has to go into work for the night and Anton is off at school. I'm stressing over the fact that mother nature is deciding to dump another snow storm on us here in New England and feeling sorry for my poor little flowers that are nearly 4 inches tall now. What on earth is up with Mother Nature? Lady, you need to take some Midol or something because we can't handle anymore of your mood swings! JUST SAYIN!!!!!

Argh, and to make all matters great, I went to Joann's today(and Savers) and managed to not spend one this is could be because I left my wallet at home mistakenly. They had the cutest little outfits at Savers that my dearest would have looked darling in...if she were 3 sizes smaller =) Really though, her closet needs to be purged(the boys too for that matter) and I need to refill her wardrobe. My dear sweet Princess is down to merely no clothes that fit! Anton has the knees ripped in probably 75% of his jeans(does anyone have a good/cute way to repair them?!) and Aiden is just growing like a weed...who is on some MEGA MiracleGro!!! lol

All is well though and I am blessed with the days I have. Today I have finished an order of grocery bag holders and need to get those in the mail tomorrow. I think I'll mass produce some bibs and burp clothes tonight...or maybe just get some rest?

What are you all doing with your time? Has Mother Nature given up on keeping you cold and allowing you to enjoy the warmth of the sun yet? If so, I'm direly jealous, send some my way!


Joelle said...

sorry i can't help with the stress of snow, but as for Anton's jeans ... take another pair (or denim from another source) and use fusible web (like wonderunder) to attach a patch, then sew around it to complete the look. it won't look quite so "homemade" if you make the patch from sideseam to sideseam.

A Plain Path said...

Just found your blog through the Sew Mama Sew Flickr group. Too bad I missed the giveaway! It looks like you did a great job on it and let me encourage you to not give up on bags. I made this one as well, but had done some before. I loved it, love making bags. Try again with a different pattern before you rule them out entirely. :-)

Also was reading your other posts and am thankful with you that you now have an answer, and a course of action, for your son. May the Lord bless you with the wisdom and strength to tackle this challenge.

Rachel said...

We got teased by the sun last week, but it's back to cold and cloudy now.

Emily Malsam said...

That's for the encouragement "A Plain Path" The purse really did make me want to cry during most of it and I never could get the zippered divider to go together correctly. Once I got it tacked into the purse I realized the zipper wouldn't move! I was so furious!!!!